About The Girl

She has an insane calling to be where she’s not. It’s having that strong urge to wander, travel or explore the world. She gets sick when at home for too long. Crazy, isn’t it? If she happens to be bitten by a travel bug, she will live happily infected. That’s for sure!

Hoping to look like a badass chic. hah!

She ran away from home….

LOL. Scrap that! She didn’t really escape. She just realized that she’s living a mundane life back in her home country. After a few years of working in a stressful environment, she packed her bags, moved to Thailand and lived with her cousins.

She is now an OFW – Overseas Filipino Wanderer. Hah! Well, she couldn’t think of anything more appropriate.

She tells her story… 

She will not only tell you how she lives her life but will also give you a glance to what she loves. Poems? Snippets? Literary, maybe? Or just a flow of her feelings in letters. She does like art. Sometimes she paints through colors, sometimes through words.