The Death Railway

for every spike means 500 deaths…

I am Joan Rio.

If you think you have it tough, read history books.

I was in icamp Thailand and part of the camper’s excursion is to visit museums, parks, etc. Since there was a rainstorm the previous night causing strong river currents, the camp counselors decided to visit the famous tourist attraction in Kanchanaburi instead.

I walked in excited and happy, but left stunned, pained, and horrified. What’s worse is that I am an empath. Hence, I still feel the agony after that day.

Historians marked Thailand as the Land of the Free for it wasn’t fully colonised despite several attempts from the neighbouring countries. However, it played a major role during World War II as other parts of Thailand were occupied in 1942 by the Japanese who wanted to invade Burma, now Myanmar.

The Empire of Japan initially relied on sea transport to bring in supplies and troops to Burma around…

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Visa-Run to the Kingdom of a Million Elephants

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